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X431 TOP


 X431 TOP

X431 TOP 

Product Name:  X431 TOP
Part No.:              YH009
Net Weight:        20KG

Product description: 
X-431 TOP Automotive Diagnostic Workstation is an upgrade on X-431 diagnostic scanner. Working on Bluetooth wireless communications, it has expanded functions to cover oscilloscope, engine analyzer, sensor signal simulator and includes an automotive database.

5 Powerful Functions:
1.Vehicle diagnosis :
1)Wireless diagnosis function for the diagnosis of electronic control systems of most models in the word;
2)Updates at the same pace with x-431 .

2.Engine ignition analysis:
1)Display engine primary and secondary ignition waveform with single-cylinder, raster, parade, bar pattern and etc.;
2)Unique multi-cylinders synchronization simulation technology to enable more efficient and convenient testing.

3.Vehicle service database:
1)Equipped with detailed information including electronic system and circuit diagram;
2)Accurate location of electronic components and details of the connection principle;
3)Vivid display of color graphics on screen.

4.Vehicle oscilloscope:
1)Adopt maximal sampling frequency of 20MHz
2)Test for output waveform of various sensor/actuator available;
3)Analysis fault of seonsor/actuator

5.Sensor simulation and test:
1)Simulaiton of DC voltage signal, inpulse signal, sensor standard waveform signal and hand-drawn waveform available;
2)Simulation of sensor standard waveform for the confirmation of sensor troubles.
Product Character: 
Apart from keeping and enhancing all the functions of the X-431, X-431 TOP enables tests of vehicles at a distance of 15 meters with the help of Bluetooth communication technology. X-431 TOP can give you the most efficient, stable and easy information without leaving your desk.
Equipped with the most comprehensive functionality, it can save the expense for the users to buy, store, upgrade single function products and conduct training. X-431 TOP provides a large technical database for automotive service, including 1. Tips on DTC-based vehicle service, 2. Standard data stream value, 3. Component wiring diagram, 4. Standard waveforms for ignition.
Product Parameter:
-Vehicle oscilloscope function:
Channel: 4 CH
Frequency: 20MHz
Measuring voltage: -150 V ~ +150 V

Sensor simulation function:
DC voltage signal:
1.Output range: -12~+12 V
2.The maximal output current: 40 mA
3.Output precision: ±5 %
Squarl-wave signal:
1. Impulse frequency: 0.1~15 kHz
2. Range: -12~+12 V
3. Duty ratio: 10~90 %
4.Output precision: ±5 %
Sensor standard signal:
1. Frequency range: 0.1~100 Hz
2. Range: -12~+12 V
3.Output precision: ±5 %
Hand-draw waveform Signal:
1. Frequency range: 0.1~100Hz
2. Range: -12V~+12V
3.Output precision: ±5 %
Sensor test module:
Voltage test:
1.Measuring range: DC -400~+400 V
2.Input impedance: 10 MΩ.
3.Check precision: ±5 %
Resistance test:
1.Measuring range: 0~1 MΩ
2.Check precision: ±5 %
Frequency test:
1.Measuring range: 1~15 kHz
2..Input impedance: 300 kΩ
3.Input range: 1~12 V
4.Check precision: ±1 % 

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